Thursday, January 31, 2008

Looking back

I'm sitting here thinking about the past couple years. When I think about them, all I can say is busy times. I am going to do a quick run down of the events over the last few years for those who are just tuning in. I met Paul ( Husband) for the second time actually in early summer of 2005. The first time we met was about 6 years ago or so, both seemed to want different things back then. He was living in Penticton and came down as often as he could. After a few months of dating , we decided to live together. He moved in with us here in Chilliwack. At this time we were living in a 2 bedroom apt. We spent our first Christmas together.

Valentine's 2006, Paul proposed to me. Then in May we moved into a split level 3 bedroom house. A few days after we had moved in I found out I was pregnant with Logan. I took a home test one day while Paul was at work. I was in complete shock, I mean we were trying but I never expected it to happen this fast. Paul wasn't too surprised later that day when I told him but he was happy.

September 2006 we got married. We had an outside wedding and the reception inside the hall on the same property. If I could I would get married all over I look at my dress often. I am currently trying to figure out what I can turn my dress into so I can wear it again.

Feb 11 2007 Logan Joseph was born at 6:29am at MSA General Hospital in Abbotsford. Things were up in the air for awhile with a newborn and all.

Just as we thought things were gonna calm down a bit, we were all settled into the house and the kids were all in their routines. WRONG..... We are now moving AGAIN but this time into our own house !! YES ! We have managed to qualify for a mortgage. We have gone into a house with Paul's mom.... Technically we own 1/2 a

In the last few years our lives has changed dramatically. I have become a mother of 3, wife and a homeowner. All the things that I always wanted. Paul and I both are very happy and amazed that in such a short time we have achieved all this.Neither one of us expected that everything would fall into place like it has.

One thing I haven't touched on was Paul and his employment. Within a few months of taking whatever at first when he moved. He got his current job through a friend and has been there ever since. Up to this point everything has fallen into place. Guess it is our turn. Should have bought lotto tickets

I will add some photos of the events I have mentioned.

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