Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Been working around the house getting everything cleaned up to ready for painting. We are gradually painting the whole upstairs as it seems hasn't been done since it was built. The kitchen I really want to get to however I am dreading how many coats we'll end up doing just to cover the orange colour. YES !!! I did say Orange/ burnt red whatever you want to call it... Only reason it is still that colour is I am procrastinating getting started. I think we are going to paint the bottom landing and the hall way next. last year we replaced the bathroom and landing floors and painted the bathroom now on to the hallway and stair for painting. Going with shades of brown all through the house.

The living room is gonna be another tough one as it has extremely high ceiling but again I hate the mushroom colour....

Will post pics whenever we get around to it. Hubby says it's time to re stain the deck grrr has it been 2 yrs already ..CRAP CRAP CRAP !!!!!!!!!

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