Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Name Change of Blog !!

I decided to change my blog name for no other reason but simply a change. As most of you know our dog's name is Cooper. We have had some issues with her lately and have come really close to getting rid of her. She has many behavioral issues. She needs a lot of attention and we seem to never be able to find enough time in a day to spend with her. We do try hopefully it will pay off. Our latest issue was her urinating in our boys bedroom and not being able to get the smell out. Friends did suggested it one thing that seems to have helped a bit however there is still a bit of a smell STILL. We may have to do another dose of the stuff, or just replace the underlay. Dogs are quite frustrating at times. Cooper in particular it seems, funny thing that we had noticed is she won't even go outside to do her business if it is pouring rain.she'd rather hold it. We will keep you posted on our progress with our dog, Cooper

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