Monday, January 4, 2010


While I was out shopping this past holiday season in the toy department of Walmart, I saw that the Smurfs are making a come back !! Little figures, pretty much as small as polly pocket, looks likes the same idea anyways. They come in a small mushroom and it opens up. I was soo tempted to buy some for I resisted, this time !!! As a child I would have to say Smurfs was my favorite cartoon character. My brother in law called me Smurf up until probably the age of 17 or Not sure why he decided to stop, just one day he did. Probably figured I was getting too old for

I remember a few surgeries I went thru I would take my stuffy smurf with me to the operating room, one time in particular my smurf stuffy came out with stitches Pretty sure I still had more though !!!

If or maybe I should say when I buy some smurf toys I will post pics...hahahaha

Blog again soon !!!

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