Sunday, January 10, 2010


As most of you know I have been going to college working on my Family Childcare Certificate for the last several months. I have 2 more courses to go after the one I just started. I thought it would be useful to blog about some of my learning. The course I am taking right now is called Understanding children behavior. I am going to share with you one effective way each time I blog about Alternatives to punishment.

Punishment is NOT the most effective way to discipline. Punishment creates side effects such as fear, anger, and lose of self-confidence. These feelings get in the way of the lesson the punishment is trying to teach.

1 way to change undesirable behavior is stop the behavior. Provide control for the child. If a simple no and a quick explanation work fine;if not provide physical control. Sometimes a simple touch will do it. Other times you need firm physical control, even to the point of removing the child from the situation.

Stay tune for the next effective way, the next time I blog !!


Anonymous said...

I like reading your blog. I am glad to see you back at it. I was wondering what you do when they are fourteen? Anything in your text about that!!!! Looking forward to more of your bloggin. Lisa

Smurf said...

hmmm Teens they are tough !! Nothing directly in my text about teens however some of this stuff can certainly can be used for teens. The biggest thing is making sure everyone is working together and agrees on the approach to be taken.