Saturday, January 3, 2009


Some of you may have read about this already on Facebook or at the very least wonder what I was talking about. On Thursday I decided to move my craft table into my bedroom and thought that would be a good place to go hide when I wanted to make a card, it would be away from little fingers and if I had to I could just leave mid stream and come back whenever instead of cleaning up everytime. Logan also has his afternoon nap in his playpen in there because we don't want to have to tell Joshua that he can't play in his room for a couple hours a day. Anyways I put Logan down for his nap, (Not realizing of course) some of my supplies were too close for him to reach and did he ever !! He got a hold of a small bottle of ink, holy cow did that ever make a big mess though !!! Everywhere !! Paul walked in to check on him and oh my, first thought was blood until he realized oh wait it's ink !! We panicked and got him cleaned up before we took pictures of him but we do have after. He is still a shade of Luckily the ink that I use from Stampin Up ! is water based.

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Grandmothergoose said... have a little Picasso, too!