Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas this year despite the snow falling for days it seemed. Everyone got what they wanted and then some. Christmas eve we opened up the Wii that was given to us by Grandma. That sure kept everyone busy through out a snowy Christmas Eve. The kids got spoiled even more on Christmas Day. Mikayla got her long awaited Nintendo DS along with the accessory kit, pajammas, socks, 3 DS games, and a mp3 player. Joshua got Star wars lego, play doh and a Star wars Lego video game for the ps2. Logan got some clothes, lego and clipo table. The family got a portable dvd player earlier this yr, as an early present.

Paul and I both got some clothes and jammies.. All and all we can't complain at all. We have been so blessed this year. Not only are we thankful for what we got at christmas time but also earlier in the year.

We had a smaller crowd for dinner as first planned due to the snow, family out in Surrey were stuck close to home.

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