Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Year Begins....

This year is especially exciting because Mikayla is in the top grade of her school, 6 out here is still elementary and Joshua starts kindergarten. Tonight we attend his open house, meet the teacher and see his classroom. Tomorrow he has his one to one interview with his teacher, then FINALLY he starts next Monday. They are gradually starting them for an 1 hour first couple days and as of Wednesday full 2.5 hrs. Joshua is in the afternoon class with his friend Spencer from daycare.

The last month or so has been quite the adjustment for Joshua. Middle of July he decides he is done with going to daycare and wants to wait for kindergarten. Let's just say it can't come soon

As for Logan he is in the stages of attending daycare as well, we are just waiting for the paper work to be approved. Joshua was diagnosed being globally delayed, daycare has made such a difference he has caught up nicely. I am hoping Logan will have the similar experience.

As for Mikayla today was her first full day of school , so far so good. By Friday she thinks she'll have her class and teacher.

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