Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mikayla's 11th Birthday party...

Today is her actual birthday, we celebrated it on Sunday with family and friends. The weather wasn't too bad however it wasn't as nice as Saturday. Mikayla had a great time. She got spoiled with gifts as usual. We had a mix up with her birthday cake though. I had ordered one 1 week ago and when I called to see if it could be ready a bit earlier then first planned, the baker told me there was no such order. I was like okay thank you and hung up. At that point I couldn't waste anytime arguing with the guy I had to bake a cake. I headed off to Safeway and picked up a few things and came home and quickly got the cake in the oven. Rather then a bratz Cake she ended up with a plain chocolate cake. She loved it anyways.

Wasn't until Monday that I called back and spoke to the manager and we now have a credit. What really pissed me off the most is the cake was sitting in the cooler all the time. The guy I spoke to was too lazy to go look.

We all had bbq burgers and salad and a great visit. It was a great day....

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PurpleDragonFly said...

Happy Birthday Mik!
Hope you have a great day!

As for the cake, I hope that guy got fired.