Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have started working on the front yard this week. It has been neglected so there is some weeding to do and pruning of trees. I am still battling with weeds. Unfortunately the garden is under a big cedar tree that sheds. I have been raking and raking but seems that there is no end to it. I was telling Paul last night that we should just clean it up as best we can and then plant grass.Who knows what we will end up doing in there. Everytime I go out and work in it I come up with other ideas. I guess we could just clean it right up and keep on top of it. Twice a year of raking should do it. We have a few dead cedar hedges that need to be pulled.

Our front yard resembles park like setting, its quite nice how the previous owners did it up. We have been tossing ideas around how to make a 3rd parking spot. Now that I have been working in the yard I would hate to see either side become a parking spot.

I would love to get rid of that yellow bush at the end of our driveway and plant a Japanese Cherry tree somewhere on the property.


grandmothergoose said...

I kind of like that yellow bush!
Have fun planning!

yacoob said...

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Smurf said...

oops I spelt the word raking wrong and ended up spelling Thanks yacoob for pointing that out..I was wondering what racks had to do with raking..LOL

Smurf said...

We have decided to get rid of the yellow bush because it blocks the view of the end of the driveway as you back out. It's not so much the bush itself that is the problem but the shape.

As well as the dead cedar bushes on the other side of the driveway need to go as well, other then that that should clean up the front yard.