Saturday, February 2, 2008


In a month now we'll be moving and living in a completely different area of Chilliwack. Mikayla has the most adjusting to do. She'll be attending a new school. Easier for her to make friends this way for the summer holidays. Joshua will be closer to his daycare and some of his friends.He is very excited.

I have done some packing already, got quite a bit left to do yet. Most of what is left needs to wait until the week before the move. We have been very good about keeping our lives light and not a lot of clutter.

We've also decided to hold Logan's 1st birthday before we move. We thought about having it after we moved however it wouldn't of been the same. We are planning on having a house warming party sometime after we get settled. Then before we know it Easter will be here. It's in March this year. Nice break from having it always around Mikayla's birthday.

That is about what my thoughts are for now. Gotta Jet

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