Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Update.....

It has been a very long time since I wrote about what has been going on around here. We have been extremely busy with the kids. Joshua just finished a Spring session of ice skating lessons. He really enjoyed it and plans on going for a full year of it in September . Both Mikayla and Joshua are playing baseball, so there goes 4 nights a week. Logan is really becoming a little boy , keeping us on our toes. We are thinking about getting him into swimming lessons. My niece Shannon is expecting ab baby, they plan to induce her on Tuesday, this is her first. Everyone is getting really anxious about this. 

I have been elected president of the school PAC for next year. I have already started reading up and familiarizing myself with all that goes on. We don't have a treasurer as of yet, hope someone volunteers or I just might have to take that on as well.....

We re homed Cooper , our golden doodle because she was just too big for our family. The family we found for her is much more suitable and seems to be enjoying her. We found a 6 month or so Affenpincher and is a better fit for us. I will post a picture of him.

Pretty much sums up what has been going on around here.

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