Saturday, May 16, 2009

May Long Weekend

This weekend is going to be filled with homework, yardwork, and a trip to Cultus Lake. Today is supposed to be the best day out of the whole weekend, however I'm thinking the crowd up at Cultus is going to be insane.....Mikayla has a Social Studies report to finish up and type out, as I also have a report to do the same. I am attending College for the Family Childcare certificate program. I caught the last course for this year and will continue in the Fall. I should be finished by mid spring.

This has been a very hectic time. Not sure what is worse beginning of the school year or the end. Both pretty crazy and expensive. Mikayla is graduating from Elementary school this year,and getting ready for Middle school in the fall, Joshua is finishing up K . Both very important milestones. So between school starting to wrap up, dance class, and baseball. The kids keep us hopping that is for sure...

Mikayla has had trouble with her foot lately as well. It seems that when she runs her foot pops ! It is the foot that was clubbed at birth. We took her to the doctor and in turn we were referred to a Chiropractor as our insurance company won't recognize a physio's recommendation as founded...So anyways $300.00 later she has orthopedic inserts on their way, plus we have to go shoe shopping and get her a pair of very supportive runners. Sure will be mad if someone steals them at school. Guess I have to make sure they are really ugly shoes..LOL

Glad some of you that have seen our family photos have enjoyed them.

Off I go. I will try to get back here to blog again soon !!!

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