Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween 2008

I never realized how far I had let my blog go. Sheesh I didn't even blog about Halloween. I usually am right on top of things....Anyways i guess better then never i suppose. anyways on to Halloween. Not only am i late but i am doing the posts I'll just say I am doing that part on purpose.hehehehe

I went with Joshua and the rest of his K class to the pumpkin patch on Halloween. It was sprinkling rain off and on all day. We knew it would be wet and we were as prepared as we could be. As soon as we arrived at the patch and was getting off the bus and on to the hay wagon its started to pour. I was drenched in seconds. I am so glad Joshua was wearing his splash pants and rain coat. Nothing worse then a whinny kid when they are uncomfortable and there is nothing you can do for them at the moment.

So we collected our pumpkins and quickly headed back into the barn to look at the animals and have hot chocolate and a story read to us. Then back onto the bus and back to school.

Later that day after getting all dry, we dressed up the kids and Dad took the out tricker treating around our neighbourhood. While they were out, I had 5 kids come to our house. THAT'S IT !!! I know I was quite surprised. Dad and the kids came back a couple hours later with a big bag of candy, plus what i had bought to give away. They are set for along time now..LOL

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