Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cloudy Day !!!

We are expecting rain later on today, I don't mind at all we went 3 weeks with nothing but sun.We have completed some more projects around the house since I posted last. I finally have my own laundry. We converted one of our closets into laundry. We bought a stacking front loading set. Works great, extremely quiet, only noticeable thing is when it winds up to 1000rpm for the spin cycle the floor vibrates..lol Logan was quite upset when he saw his blankey in the washer and he couldn't get it back out. As soon as I gave it back to him nice and clean and dry he never let go of it for about 45 mins..LOL
We've also been doing more gardening and building up the flower beds around the yard. The vegetable garden is doing very well. We seem to have tons of tomatoes coming, I just wonder how many will actually ripen.

Logan has become a going concern that is for sure, he's shy of 18 months and has been getting into everything..lol *sigh* Long toddler stage ahead..LOL

We are also planning a trip for the end of summer vacation along with some day trips for the kids. Time to relax a bit....


Grandmothergoose said...

Your garden is looking good and if the tomatoes don't ripen in time, you can just pick them before they get ANY frost, roll them up in old newspapers and let them ripen at room temperature. Try not to stack them though.
It really works!

Smurf said...

Thanks for the tip, will definitely do that .