Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yard Update !!

Well Sunday we spent all day outside in the front yard cleaning up an area of the garden that we have decided that once we get rid of the yard trimmings we are going to plant grass seed. We took out all the dead cedar bushes out from the front and pulled up as much cedar trimmings and waste that had built up over the years.....We had already pruned the yellow bush and now just waiting for a bob cat of some sort to come and pull up the root ball, shovel just isn't gonna do it. Luckily we were able to dig out the cedars pretty easily. The main goal here is to make it easy to maintain until we decide what we really want to do. We need to clean up the mess left behind before starting anything. The pictures aren't the greatest but hope you get the idea..no yellow bush or cedar trees or at least the pile of rubbish in the yard..lol

Soon have to think about tomatoes plants and cucumbers. I think they go in late May ???

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