Thursday, April 10, 2008


The other day I went grocery shopping and decided to have my groceries bag using cloth isntead of plastic. WOW!! What a great decision that was. They are great. Remember back in the day of paper bags?? Well they work just as great except better they have handles. They sit nice and straight up in the cart, in the back of the van and more fits into them. I find them very easy to carry and no fear of the bag breaking 1/2 way up the stairs. Most importantly using these cloth bags are helping to preserve the environment. I will never go back to plastic.

When we moved here we also started a compost in the backyard. Works good so far, sure cuts down the garbage. The only thing I am not willing to do is switch to cloth I think I will leave that task to someone else, to someone who is just starting to have kids. The investment would make sense. We also collect our dead batteries and take them into Future Shop. Old paint and cans get dropped off at the recycling depot out here along with any old electronics including computer monitors. Recycling has sure come along way. Hopefully not too late.


grandmothergoose said...

Where did you get those shopping bags?
I also recycle ink cartridges from my printer. Staples takes the empties back.

PurpleDragonFly said...

We bought the shopping bags from Costco and we have huge bags from Ikea that we use when we shop.
It saves a lot on plastic bags. buy them at Save-on Foods at the checkout counter.Most stores sell recycle bags now.

Smurf said...

$1.49 each at Save on Foods. I got these ones free because I used some of my points.

grandmothergoose said...

Thanks for the info, girls!
I did actually get the Costco bags last week because they have one for frozen food. I liked that idea.
Might have to get one or two from Superstore or Safeway, too!