Thursday, April 3, 2008


I am having a hard time deciding what to do in our ensuite bathroom.Excuse the mess It's a full bathroom with tub and shower. The sink is the pedestal type which is the style these days however we have no place to put anything. Been looking at over the toilet storage as well as cabinet on the wall above the toilet,OR Paul's suggestion medicine cabinet above the How manish though hey !!!.....Any ideas out there?????


PurpleDragonFly said...

get rid of the sink and put in a cabinet sink so you have a bit of storage underneath the sink.

Smurf said...

Thanks been considering that too..

grandmothergoose said...

There is a stand up unit that is available that fits under a pedestal sink. I holds quite a bit and doesn't even look that bad.
I saw it at Home Outfitters and Linens' & Things a while back.
The behind the toilet stand is not bad either. There are some really nice ones out there that also have some compartments that can be closed.
Good luck figuring it out!