Saturday, March 8, 2008

Been 1 week...

Well we have been in our new place for a week now. It sure is starting to feel like home. It has been a busy week that is for sure between cable guys, telus guys, hotwater tank replacement, to window covering measuring, and of course we had our deck done too. Thursday we had all here at the same time doing their What a zoo.

Mikaya did well changing schools once they had her in the right Apparently there was 2 Mikayla's starting school there...My Mikayla showed the other one didn't. The teacher thought she was awfully tall, she didn't like that she walks home and was expecting her to struggle in some areas. Mikayla was looking around the classroom and realized HEY I AM IN THE WRONG CLASS!!!! She politely tells the teacher I'm in grade 5 not 2..Well then the teacher thought that would explain alot.....So within a hour or so they had it all straightened out and she is now in her proper class and

Other then that the move went pretty smooth. The weather did decide to co operate. We were worried about that. As soon as I find my cord to upload pictures to my computer I will post some pictures of the house moved in.....

Blog later.

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