Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day !!

Well let's take a few moments and reflect on what does this day mean to us. I don't buy into the idea that your spouse should break the bank account on this day and buy a ridiculously over priced dozen of roses. Secondly how many red and white teddy bears can one own. Then what really annoys me is the fact that kids these days expect a gift on that day as well. I think what happened was some parents decided that kids deserve something too. As a kid I remember celebrating it at school with exchanging cards and having a party. I don't recall ever getting anything from my parents and I don't remember any of my friends getting anything either.

Anyways enough ranting on the subject..... I will always remember Valentine's Day because Paul proposed to me on Feb 11/ 2006.. He tried to wait until the 14th but couldn' Worked out that the day Paul proposed is Logan's birthday. It obviously was meant to work that

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