Friday, February 8, 2008

Birthday Cake Update....

YAY ME!!!!!!!!! Logan has the best mommy.....LOL After countless calls all over town looking for a bakery that will make a Elmo Cupcake Cake , I finally found one. Sardis Bakery. I am really excited about it ! Hopefully it turns out ok. I still have to gather up some other decorating stuff. I wasn't going to bother with balloons and streamers but since I am ahead in the packing dept. I do have time to make this day very special for Logan.

Since we are doing Elmo for the cake. I'll have to find some Red and Yellow balloons. Still haven't figured out what we are getting him for his gift. He seems to have soo much already. I will post all about the party and have pictures too..

Stay tuned ! Well back to the party planning.

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grandmothergoose said...

Hope the party will be a ton of fun or at least as much fun as this planning time because it sure sounds like you are having heaps of fun planning it. :-)